Pete the Cat Freebies- Guided Drawing, and More!

Pete the Cat Freebies Sign
Pete the Cat Guided Drawing Samples From My Classroom.

Pete the Cat “fever” has swept through my classroom and indeed, my school!  All of the Kindergarten classes at my school are now reading and enjoying all of the Pete the Cat books and activities that we are finding on blogs and other places online!  So I decided to hop on the “Pete Bandwagon” and make a few of them myself.

My favorite drawing is the one with just three legs, LOL!  It’s SO Kindergarten!

I haven’t posted a good guided drawing lesson in quite a while, so I thought that a nice Pete the Cat guided drawing freebie would be just the ticket to help close out the school year for those of us that are still plowing our way through it!  If you are lucky enough to be all done with your school year, then you can just sit back and thumb your nose at the rest of us poor stiffs that have to keep on going.  My last day won’t be until June 7th- and then one of my twin daughters, Kimmie, is getting MARRIED on June 8th!!!!  (I can hardly believe it!)  So we have been busy, busy, busy with preparations for the big day, while also trying to wrap up the school year and run our website,

The Bride to Be and the Mother of the Bride!

(Actually, the truth of the matter is that Kimmie hasn’t given me a single thing to do to help prepare- other than pay for it, ha ha!  She and her fiancé are doing every single thing themselves!)  By the way, Kimmie is the soloist that you hear on all of our HeidiSongs CD’s.  I don’t sing any of those solos myself.  I gave Kimmie the professional voice lessons that I never had as a child, LOL!

We do the whole cat with a black marker first, and don’t pass out crayons until we are done.

But I digress!  The Pete the Cat Guided Drawing activity was lots of fun and very successful.  The kids didn’t find it challenging at all, other than the shoes.  This was the first time that I had tried to do this project with the children, so of course there were a few kinks to work out.  The only real problem we had with it was that some children started out by making the head way too small, and then wound up with the whole drawing too small.  So if I were to do it again, I may just go ahead and draw the first “rainbow” line of the forehead (between the ears) lightly with a pencil ahead of time on the paper, right where it should go, making it the size it should be.  That way, everyone would be able to continue without a problem.  The issue is that once the head has been formed to small, they really can’t put in the details of the eyes and nose very well, and the feet also come out too small.  That means that the legs and shoes come out very small as well, and many of the children can’t make a very small shoe.  They can make a large shoe, but not a very small one.

We always do our guided drawing on the floor with clipboards in our laps.

Also, I should have given the directions for the shoes four separate times.  What I did was give the directions once, and then let them complete the other three shoes on their own.  This was perfect for the top half of the class, but not so great for the bottom!  Those children that struggle a bit more couldn’t quite remember the steps to making the shoes, and just sort of scribbled their way through the rest of the shoes.  That gave them one shoe and three scribbles on the bottom of their cats’ feet!  Oh, well!  Live and learn!  I am anxious to try it again and see if I can get it right next time, LOL!  In any case, click here for the free download of the Pete the Cat Guided Drawing Activity.

Download these directions to teach your students how to draw Pete the Cat!

I also made a Pete the Cat color word sheet.  I used it as a time filler for when the children finished their dictation test, and it really came in handy!  For a copy of the Pete the Cat color words sheet, click here.


The children really enjoyed the fact that I didn’t put any color words on Pete himself, which left him open for any color at all.  So some of them really went crazy with it once they finished coloring the shoes!


Then I took those same drawings and made them into a patterning worksheet to help us review for our patterning test.  If you would like a copy of this patterning worksheet free download, click here.


The last thing I want to give you is this Pete the Cat Nonsense Words sheet!  My class hasn’t had a chance to try it out yet, so I don’t have any photos of the children’s work.  But we have done several nonsense word worksheets in the past, and they have never had any trouble with them, so this one will probably also be fine, I think!  All they have to do is read the CVC word in the button and decide if it is real, or nonsense.  If it is real, they color it red.  If it is nonsense, they color it the color of their choice.  I did not put any words on Pete again, so that they could color him as they choose, just for fun!  (For more CVC words activities and worksheets, click here.  For multisensory phonics songs and activities, click here.


Click here for a copy of the Pete the Cat Nonsense Word Worksheet!  I hope you enjoy this “labor of love!”  If you have enjoyed reading this blog and like the freebies, please sign up for the email updates, and tell a friend!  I love hearing from you, too, so leave me a comment or two and tell me how you like the worksheets and activities, and tell me what you would like to see next.  And don’t forget to visit our website for great Common Core teaching resources for Pre-K, K, and First Grade!

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  1. Heidi,
    I just got the new Pete the cat book in the mail from Amazon. He is one well loved cat in my kindergarten. They are going to love drawing Pete.
    Congratulations to your daughter and her fiancee _ I hope that they share many happy years together!
    We are not finished school until June 30.. We will not go back until the end of August.
    Regards from Western Canada,

  2. These are so fun! I don't have any Pete books, so I better get some! Excited to use this stuff next year since today was our last day!!!!

  3. These are awesome and very much appreciated! Best wishes for your daughter's upcoming wedding!
    I'm one of the lucky ones…last day was Friday 🙂
    Now to start crewing for my husband as he runs across America this summer…hmmm…I think my summer break has just been spoken for…thanks again for all your ideas and shares!

  4. Thank you! My kindergarteners are Pete the Cat crazy too! We are not out of school until June 15th so it is getting harder to keep their attention. 🙂 This should help a lot.

  5. Thank you Heidi for all the goodies! I can't wait to try them out next school year. I am looking for locker tags, etc… I am in love with this cool cat!

    Congratulations and Best wishes on your daughter's up coming wedding! Jill

  6. Thanks for being so generous Heidi! My partner and I love all of your things. Certainly makes our jobs easier! We LOVE Pete the Cat and I know my kids will enjoy all the things that you are sharing.

  7. Thank you for all of the awesome downloads. I'm lucky enough to be done for the year, but am looking forward to using them next year. Enjoy the wedding!

  8. Heidi,
    I started using both of my Pete the Cat books on the first day of Kindergarten. MY KIDS LOVE PETE THE CAT! I love the song for the original book and really "ham it up" with the kids.
    I found a Pete the Cat color page online on Thursday and printed it out for our last day of school (May 25th). SO…. I was DELIGHTED to see this from you. THANK YOU for these gifts to us and our children.

  9. These are great!!! I can't wait to use them – it will be a great end to our school year!!! My kids will be very excited to draw Pete!!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!! I love all of your stuff and use it daily!!!
    Congratulations to your daughter – have a wonderful time at the wedding!!!

  10. We just love Pete the Cat! I can't wait to use them next week. The kids are done on Wednesday but your freebies will be perfect for our last few days. Thank you so much for sharing them. I just love reading your blog!

  11. Thanks, Heidi…my kids LOVE doing your guided drawing, so they will really love this! Best wishes for wedding bliss. My daughter got married 4 years ago (where does the time go)? It was one of the best things we ever did!

  12. Thank you Heidi for the Pete freebies! I love all the things you do! You're the Best! And, Best Wishes to your daughter on her wedding!

  13. Thank you so much for sharing your lessons! My students LOVE Pete the Cat books, and they will love your activities. You are amazing! Thanks for being so generous.

  14. Two years ago I was busy at the end of the school year with my "baby" daughter (last of six!) getting married at the end of June. This year, she's getting ready to have her own baby at the end of June–in fact, her due date is her 2nd wedding anniversary! At least she waited until Mom was out for summer break!!

  15. Thank you so much for sharing your ideas. You have a wonderful gift. I can't wait to see you at I teach K!

  16. I’ve only recently discovered Pete the Cat and am looking forward to sharing him with my students. Thank you for sharing all these wonderful fun activities which will help me do that.

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