11 Kid Friendly Sites to Watch Free Storybooks Online

11 Kid Friendly Sites to Watch FREE Storybooks Online!

A while back, I asked some Facebook friends if they knew of some websites where I could find storybooks read aloud to children online, and I got a whole bunch of suggestions!  Since then, I have found it incredibly helpful to be able to put a story on our big screen and let the whole class watch it while I get materials out for a lesson, or put materials away, or even test a few children individually! I think that this might be a great thing for parents to do to keep their little ones happy at the end of the summer, too!

While the overwhelming favorite website suggested was tumblebooks.com, that one does require a paid subscription, so I haven’t taken the plunge on purchasing it.  (But more on that below!)  My favorite website for this purpose so far is pbskids.org/lions/stories.  Below here are a few more sites that I was given.  Please note that I haven’t tried them all out yet.  A few of them proved to take too long to load their books up (at least at my school) while the children waited, so watch out for that.  And some of them want you to sign up for an account, which can also be an annoying thing for kids to wait on, given the attention span of the average five year old!  I do recommend checking them out first!  But hey- we STILL haven’t made our way through all of the books just on the PBS website alone!


Subscription Required:

BUT…. I happened upon this link portlandlibrary.com/highlight/tumblebookcloud/ which was listed under “Tumblebooks Free” and I clicked on it.  It took me directly to the Tumblebooks site and allowed me to immediately start watching one of their books online, which was fully animated and beautiful!  One of my Facebook friends had mentioned that many public libraries have subscriptions to Tumblebooks, and if you have a library card, all you have to do is inquire about it and they will give you a login ID and password.  Sounds great!


Besides all of these, you can also check my Pinterest board called “E Books Online” for an ever increasing collection of links to lots and lots of stories that can be found online free of charge!  At the time of writing this blog, I there were 17 different online stories to watch pinned there!  Most of them are on youtube, but others are posted on other sites as well.

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    • I love this sight!!! I just played a story this last week that had sign language in it. I have a student who’s parents are deaf and she absolutely loved it!

  1. Not a free site, but I talked my principal into getting a paid subscription for Starfall. The "more starfall" (paid) section has a library of books that it reads- it shows the words as it reads the books. The school site license is cheap (under $200) and has a new 1st grade curriculum section.
    Speakaboos has some free books I think.

  2. HeidiSongs – you are awesome! I love reading all your posts and visiting your blog. I have also enjoyed using all your DVD in my Kinder classroom. I will be teaching 4th grade this year, but I will still continue to visit your site. Thank you sooooo much!

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  5. Thanks for the great list!! As some others mentioned, I also LOVE storylineonline.net — wish they had more books available. The actors do such a wonderful job of bringing the books to life!

  6. Hey Heidi,

    Just found this article from 2013 and wanted to let you know about StoryCub. We produce and distribute video versions of children’s picture books for preschoolers.

    Unlike most destinations for online storytime, StoryCub is made for preschool/early learners. We actually remove the text and have real on-screen storytellers.

    StoryCub has a free “Story of the Day”.


    Kind regards,


  7. Storyline online is a good site. They are provided by SAG (the Screen Actors Guild) and the stories are read by actors and actresses.

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