Mother’s Day Project Freebie!

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Mother’s Day is fast approaching. If you are looking for a great classroom project that Moms will love, we have just the thing. Check out our guided drawing Mother’s Day Project Freebie that will leave Mom with a hand drawn picture and a sweet note from her baby.

I love doing guided drawings in a classroom. It allows everyone to work on the same project at once and allows me to check in on individual progress with a quick scan of the room.

I have one important thing to say from experience, something that I seem to forget to do every year: remind the children before you start that this is supposed to be a nice picture of their moms that she will LIKE, and therefore, should NOT be made into a vampire or a monster, since most mom’s wouldn’t appreciate that!

There is always SOMEBODY that has to start over.  So when you make copies of the cards in preparation, make plenty of extras!


On the inside of the Mother’s Day card download, there are lines for the children to write a letter to their moms.

To prepare, brainstorm as a class to help generate ideas for their letters.

I have found that working with an individual at the front of the class to craft their letter is a great way of helping students understand the assignment. It also allows us to practice sounding out words as a group.


As the child dictates his or her letter we sound out the words we don’t know as a group. As we use any Singing Sight Words we take a break and get up and sing the songs together.

Heidi Songs Mother's Day Project letter

If you ask me, the hardest thing to get the children to understand  is the idea that when you write a letter, you sign YOUR name (not Mom’s!) at the bottom with “Love, ____.”  You don’t need to put your name at the top or write “The End” when you are done!

This Mother’s Day project yields very sweet results. It allows for an opportunity to just enjoy their innocence; that’s the fun of teaching little ones, isn’t it?

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For the Mother’s Day Project Freebie Click Here


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  1. Thanks for sharing the Mother’s Day project. Do you use a formal writing program that teaches the mechanics of writing? Common core really stresses written skills, yet, my district is hard pressed to find a program that includes the various types of writing at the K level. Whatever you can share would be appreciated.

    • Hi,
      I have never really used a formal writing program, except for the last year that my district required us to use Step Up to Writing. I didn’t find it too terribly helpful for Kindergarten, because the guide they give you is for K-3. You probably know what a difference there is between K and 3! But I am prepping a presentation called “The Reluctant Writer’s Workshop” for the I Teach K Conference in Vegas this summer, and after I finish prepping the whole thing, I will be able to share more on each of those types of writing at the K level.
      I use my Sounds Fun and Sight Spelling CD’s and DVD’s to get my kids writing. Then I give the kids different kinds of writing assignments for the different type of writing- narrative, informative, and opinion. You are probably already hitting the three formats already, but you may not realize it. As I prepare this presentation and I go through labeling each kind of writing, I am finding that I already had samples of each kind of writing in most cases. You may want to go through my blog and search for all of the posts related to writing and see what they have already. I’ll try to post some more, because I have already done all three kinds for sure.
      Thank you for a great question!

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