12 Days of Holiday Freebies Day 2: Count the Gumdrops Gingerbread Man Activity

Happy holidays!  It’s day two of our “12 Days of Holiday Freebies” countdown, and today’s freebie is a Count the Gumdrops on the Gingerbread Man Counting Activity and Worksheet! This is a fun numeracy activity to help build math skills for young children in pre-K and Kindergarten!

Gingerbread Man Counting Activity Freebie from HeidiSongs

Here’s the freebie for the second day of our holiday giveaway! This is a fun one, and I really love the way it turned out!  All you need to do to prep it is print out the Gingerbread Men, laminate them, and find some pom poms to decorate it with.  Easy, right?  You can add velcro if you want, but I’m sure the kids will have just as much fun without it.

Gingerbread Man Counting 4 Freebie

This activity is designed to give young children a fun way to practice counting and matching sets in a fun way with a Gingerbread Man theme! The worksheet is provided as a follow up activity, and so that the children can practice moving from the concrete to the pictorial representation of the concept. I hope that you and your little ones have fun with it!

Gingerbread Man GumDrops Worksheets

Materials: White card stock Pom poms or other manipulatives that children can count with and use to decorate the Gingerbread Man. The pictures only show pom poms, but you may wish to use bits of rick rack, buttons, pipe cleaners, or any other little things you can find! The only limit is your imagination!  Optional: velcro

Preparation: Print out the Gingerbread Men cards with the numbers onto white cardstock and laminate them or place into page protectors. You may wish to attach velcro to the laminated papers if you want children to stick the pom poms in place, etc.

To Use: Simply show the children how to count out your manipulatives and decorate the Gingerbread Men with the correct amount of manipulatives.

Variation 1: For extra fun, give the children some pennies and nickels, and then let them “shop” for their decorations first! Then see how many different Gingerbread Men they can decorate!

Variation 2: Have the children re-arrange the pom poms in different ways to represent different addition equations as shown in the picture below.

Gingerbread Man Addition Activity

And I hope you didn’t miss yesterday’s post with the free Gingerbread Man ten frames! If so, grab it at the link above!

Gman Ten Frame Freebie from HeidiSongs


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