Animated Sight Word Videos Now STREAMING on VHX!

Here’s some great news for those of you that prefer internet streaming over using DVDs:  We’ve re-launched our VHX HeidiSongs service and now have ALL 160 newly animated Sing & Spell videos together for one low price- just $6.99 per month!

HeidiSongs Animated Sight Word Videos Streaming on VHX

Just ask anyone that has tried teaching sight words to little ones!  HeidiSongs Sing & Spell videos are the fastest, easiest and most fun way to get those words into long term memory, and when you’re done, your kiddos will be able to SPELL the words, too!  🙂 What more could you ask for?  AND- there’s no commitment; you can just pay as you go.

HeidiSongs Animated Sight Word Videos Streaming on VHX, Sing and Spell

Here are all of the VHX details in a nutshell:


– Featuring our ANIMATED Sing & Spell videos! (If you’d like the CLASSIC version of our videos, you can subscribe here! Same price!)

HeidiSongs Animated Sight Word Videos Streaming on VHX, Sing & Spell, Subscription

– Get access to all 160+ animated sight word videos for only $6.99 a month! Or, get a whole year for a discounted rate of $59.99!

– Access animated Sing & Spell volumes 1-6 from ANY device!

HeidiSongs Animated Sight Word Videos Streaming on VHX, any device, Sing & Spell, Subscription,

– People love using VHX because it gives them access to all of the Sight Word video content we have for one low price! Think of it like Netflix – but for HeidiSongs!!

– We’re even offering a one week free trial so you can test it out and see if it works for you!  And it is VERY important that you try it out in your classroom or home FIRST before purchasing, to see if your internet bandwidth is strong enough to stream the movies without “stuttering.”

HeidiSongs Animated Sight Word Videos Streaming on VHX, Sing & Spell, Subscription, Free Trial

Need a custom playlist?

– Here’s a fun tip! If you want to use a specific set of songs in a certain order, open up a new tab in your browser for each song! This is an easy way to get your own “custom playlist!”


What is the difference between Vimeo and VHX?  Both are for Streaming On Demand Video, right?

On VHX, you pull up one song at a time.  On Vimeo, you pull up one entire DVD at a time.  That is the most basic difference.

On Vimeo, you rent one DVD at a time, and it’s $7.00 per year.   So, you can rent Sing and Spell Vol. 1 for $7.00 for the year, and Sing and Spell Vol. 2 for $7.00 for a year, etc.  There are other lists you can rent as well, such as the Dolch Primer List with 50 words on it for $11.99 per year, the Wonders Kindergarten List, which has 40 sight words on it for $9.99 for a year, and so on. If these type of lists work better for you, then definitely use Vimeo!  We are trying hard to get you hard working teachers, parents, and administrators just exactly what you need at a price that you can afford.  So let us know how we can help you!


Questions?  Just let us know! 🙂 Leave a comment below or email us at [email protected]! And of course, if you still prefer to own the physical DVDs, you can get them on our website,!!

– Heidi

P.S. This is all about our new animated channel! If you’d prefer our CLASSIC sight word videos, all the same tips and info applies, but you subscribe here!

HeidiSongs on VHX, Classic, Sight Words, Streaming, Learning Songs


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Heidi Butkus has been teaching in California public schools since 1985. She has somehow managed to stay in Kindergarten all of those years, with the exception of five years in first grade, and also taught a parent participation preschool for a short while! Combining a strong knowledge of brain research with practical experience, Heidi has created a wealth of fun and engaging teaching techniques that work well with diverse populations. She has presented at conferences nationwide, and is the owner and founder of Heidi has also created fourteen original CD's and DVD's for teaching beginning reading and math skills, three musical plays designed especially for young performers, and has written some picture books and many other teaching resources. Heidi's multimedia workshops are filled with fun and motivational educational activities that have been classroom tested and revised for effectiveness with all types of learners.
  1. Heidi,
    I’m somewhat confused and hope you can clarify this, so I’ll have a better understanding on how it works.
    1. I have a specific list of words from my district, is it possible to arrange for the songs/videos to play in a particular order?
    2. Can parents have access at home? If so, is there a parent fee?
    3. For 6.99 a month, I have continual use of all videos or specific ones selected by me?
    4. Can I not pay for videos during the summer months and not lose my video sequential order when school resumes?
    5. I have Apple TV and 1 to 1 devices in my classroom, could I use Apple classroom to allow students to view the videos on their devices, yet they could view the videos specifically to their needs?
    Hope my questions weren’t too confusing!
    Thanks for the assistance,

    • Hi Robert! Good questions! I’ll do my best to answer them!

      1. We have built a few different playlists that are included in your subscription, so you can use one of those if they match your preferred order. But we don’t create custom playlists and the customer can’t build their own lists. BUT, like the tip I mentioned in this post, you can pull up each word video in it’s own tab/window and put them in a certain order that way, and play through them. That’s as close to making your own playlist order we can get.
      2. Parents can purchase their own subscription to VHX! But there is no special access for parents connected to your subscription.
      3. For $6.99 a month, you have access to every animated sight word video from all 6 of our volumes! 🙂 Plus the pre built playlists we have on there.
      4. Per answer to question #1, since you can’t build your own playlist, there’s not a unique list to lose or carry over. So, you’d just cancel your subscription when the school year ends and then re subscribe in the fall, and everything would be there the same as when you first subscribed. 🙂
      5. I am not familiar enough with Apple Classroom to answer that exactly, but as long as Apple TV has a browser, or can screenmirror from your phone or tablet with browser access, you can show the VHX site.

      I hope that answered your questions clearly enough!! If not, or you have some more questions, please feel free to email my office staff and see if they can help! [email protected] 🙂 Thanks, Robert!


  2. Heidi,
    Hello! Played the subtraction song last Friday to introduce the concept to the students and notice in the lyrics, it mentioned “count up” but I was wondering if it should state “count back” to get the lesser number? I was thinking of a number line and if counting up, most students would go to the right instead of the left. What’s your opinion on this?

    • So, when we say “count it up” we are saying, count it all up, or count it together. It’s not meant to be directional, up or down. “Up” like gather up. I can see why you’d ask that, though! But we don’t have plans to go in and change just that lyric. Thank you for asking! 🙂

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